The driver of this bullock cart in Bhuj, Gujurat, stops for a drink


The camera I used for all my journeys in Asia until 2001 was a 2nd hand Canon EOS 1000. I bought my first digital camera in 1997 during a visit to England. It was a Fuji. Unfortunately, I had problems with the memory card and only used it for a month back in Asia. Without any shops stocking replcement memory cards I ended up giving it to a Nepali friend. I did not buy another digital until 2001, in Thailand. I’ve not used a film camera since.
In 2006 I bought a Canon EOS 350; though the photos taken on our most recent trip to India – January 2007 – were either taken on my Nokia N80 phone camera, or on Soraya’s Fuji Finepix.


~ by lovedubs on March 5, 2007.

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