Village Scene

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In a Tamil Nadu village



Bhuj Bus Stand

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I visited India in February/ March 1997 specifically to travel around rural Gujurat and photograph tribespeople and traffic. Bhuj was my favourite town (it was destroyed several years later by an earthquake).

The tribespeople of Gujurat wear fabulous clothes and the women have very interesting tattoos. But it can be embarrassing photographing people.

So I spent a long time at places such as Bhuj bus stand, wearing a shalwar kameez (Indian trouser suit) to blend in more. As it was hot, everyone sat in the shade of the bus station waiting for buses back to their villages.

But when their bus came in, they came out into the sun – and then I could whip my camera from my shoulder-bag and snap them.


Tibet Free Yamaha

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Dharamsala, April 2001


Train crossing in rural Gujurat

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I love Gujurat. This is where you get the best vegetarian curries in India. Thalis are not only delicious but never-ending too: as you finish any of the dishes in the thali, a fleet of waiters arrive with pots to re-fill your plate. I had to walk a lot between meals to make room for the next one.

Vikram 3-Wheeler

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January 2007

Bullock Cart In Rajastan

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Bullock carts are a common form of transport in agricultural areas, and often in cities too. They would commonly be used to bring a farmer’s produce in to market.

In the heirarchy of bullock carts, a ‘Brahmin Bull’ such as this one would be the most favoured option.


I snapped this in 1997 during an overnight bus trip between Pushkar, Rajastan and Bhuj, Gujurat.

2-Weeled Transporter

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Of course, you don’t need three or four wheels to transport goods in India. Asia provides endless examples of how much you can get onto one two-wheeler.